Pay attention that the following IP address is wrong:
The right one is The network brands are operated without any problem with the help of installations within the gadgets. The product and applications that are introduced by the companies are meant to help clients to deal with internet connection issues, get to the gadget`s configurations, design the points of interest of the arrangement.

What is possible to do with

Getting to you need to log in as a completely authorized user. As soon as you log into the control panel of the router, you can make any operation that is offered. After getting the access, a conformities’ percentage you might make. Security choices, system administration, Proxy, DNS, IP Qos, WAN, LAN, WLAN configurations,MAC, ADSL, DSL, WPS changes, for example, blocking, system administration. In such way, it takes no effort to connect to your internet in your modem`s area, at work, school, shortly everywhere.

can you do if you forgotten your router`s password and user name?

If you have forgotten your login and password on the router, you just need to go back to factory settings. Use a toothpick to touch it for 20 seconds, this will be enough. Internet disconnection becomes normal in this situation, so don`t be scary that you broke it. If you are not sure you are educated enough for solving this problem, ask someone, who can help you and give advice.