is a C class private subnet. Private and corporative networks, which aren’t part of global Internet web, use these subnets.

Huawei company uses IP address and its subnet with mask in routers. It’s big difference between routers, that use and IP addresses. These IP addresses are public and used in another cases. can be used to enter in configuration panel of Huawei routers. Configuration panel is service, that provides users to set up settings.

What you should do to enter in configuration panel?

  1. Enter in router’s URL bar.
  2. Here will be Login Gateway, where you need type your login and password. This identification information for Huawei routers can be taken from Default Router Passwords page.

If you can’t enter in configuration panel, you should set up your IP manually in TCP/IPv4 in static mode.

Better if you won’t use wireless network connection to enter in configuration panel. Cable connection is safer. Cable should be connected to LAN1 socket.

How to configure router with IP address?

Configuration of Huawei routers isn’t difficult process, but you must be advanced user.

  1. Firstly, you should find section, which is called something like WLAN. Here will be “WLAN configuration”. This is what you are searching for.
  2. Find wireless network configuration section.
  3. Here is “SSID name” bar. SSID is name of your network, that other users will see in list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  4. “Authentication Mode” is bar, where you can set security type. The best variant is WPA 2 Pre-Shared KEY. That’s the most safety security type. Moreover, here you should type your new password, which provides you to protect network connection from unwanted users.
  5. Don’t forget to Apply all changes.