This is IP address of your ADSL router. Most of the modem producing brands accustomed to it. This software is meant for simplifying users` lives. You can alter organizations and setup new settings whenever you want.

What should be possible with

When logging in to the address, you get the access to the administration panel.
After getting access to your modem, you are able to make changes about DNS, PROXY, system administration, LAN, WAN, WLAN (WiFi), Virtual directing, Protocol settings, NAT virtual server, DMZ, IP Qos, an assortment of security alternatives, DHCP customer, DSL, WPS, ADSL, MAC.

How would I get 192.168.l.254?

With a specific end goal to accomplish your modem’s client interface, enter You can use the button on our site or duplicate this address into your program. In any case, you may experience the problem with using the incorrect password. If don’t remember your password or user name, check the information written here.

What would you be able to do in case that you can not remember password?

If you can not recollect password, you have to reset router. Here you see the list of Default Modem Passwords.
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