How to find Wi-Fi router’s IP

Sometimes Wi-Fi owners need IP address of their devices. It can be used to get access to configuration panel. There are different methods how this address can be found on different operating systems.

In this article you will read how to get your device’s IP address for enter in administrator panel and external address. There are methods for Windows and MAC users.

Note: to use these methods, your device must be connected to router and there shouldn’t be some errors. It’s not important what connection method you use: wireless or wired.

Windows methods:

There are different methods how to get your home wireless router IP address. First method is use your operating system console (cmd):

  1. Open Windows Command line.
  2. Enter here ipconfig and press confirm button (Enter).
  3. Here will be data of all network connection on current computer including inactive. Find among them current router connection called Wireless network, Wi-FI or Ethernet, if wired connection method is using.
  4. “Default gateway” line is line, where you can see what we are searching for.

In second method we will use Windows “Network And Sharing Center”. Follow these steps:

  1. Press Win+R key combination and enter ncpa.cpl. Press confirm button.
  2. Here will be connection list. We should find current router connection. Right click on it and then left click on condition context menu tab.
  3. Here will appears special window. Click on “Details”.
  4. Find “Default gateway IP”. Here is what we searched.

MAC OS methods:

Here is guide for owners of MAC operating system:

  1. Click on apple icon in up-left screen corner and open “System Preferences”. Then get in “Network”.
  2. Choose current router connection and click on “Advanced”.
  3. Choose “TCP/IP” menu tab. Here will be “Router” line, where you can see IP address of your wireless router.

How to find external router’s IP address?

External IP is address used by your wireless router not in global Internet network. Commonly, all connected to wireless network devices use this address too.

To find your device external IP address, you need to find special service, which will identify this address, but don’t forget to disable VPN and don’t use proxy.

Use your favorite search engine. Type in search bar something like “My IP address” and press confirm button. Here you will see what we are searching for.