TP-Link is one of the most popular router manufacturers on the market. Their devices are famous for reliability and durability, but main advantage is low price.

First, what you should do when bought new router, is set up your device’s configurations. It’s necessary to configure right wireless network sharing and Internet connection. You can do it by yourself or call in internet provider technical support.

Things like changing WiFI password and SSID, firmware update can be done without someone’s help. Reading this article provides you to know how enter in configuration panel of all TP-Link routers to configure network settings.

How to enter in router’s settings

TP-Link router owners can use different methods how to enter in administrator panel. Here are addresses used to do it:

If you don’t know which of them is yours, check sticker on your router’s backside or bottom. There all important information about your device on it.

To enter in settings, you should follow these:

Connect some any device to your router. There are two methods how it can be done: wireless and wired. If your router is new, network will have name like TP-LINK_1234. Usage of wired method includes special cable, which can be found in bundle. Put one side of this cable in PC’s network card and second in router’s LAN socket (it has yellow color).

You can enter in router’s configuration page using your smartphone or tablet. In these purposes TP-Link developed “TP-Link Tether” application.

Open your favorite web browser on PC or Smartphone. Type IP address from router’s sticker in browser’s URL bar. Usually, it is one of these addresses:,,,

Here will appear special window with inputs for credentials. If you forget them, you can reset your router to factory defaults and use default username and password. They can be found on sticker too, but in the most cases it is “admin” for both fields.

Now, you should find “Quick Setup” tab, where in “Wireless” you can find your own SSID. SSID is name of your wireless network. You and other users will see this name in wireless network list, when will try to connect. To protect your network from hacker attacks, better to set up WPA2/PSK encryption and use password of at least 16 digits.

Reset TP-Link to factory defaults

You can reset your router in “System Tools”, where it’s necessary to choose “Backup & Restore”. Click on “Restore Factory Setting” to reset your router to factory defaults.

Second method is pressing special button. It can be found on backside of your wireless router. Press and hold it for about 20 seconds until lights blinking.

After that you can use you default credentials, but don’t forget to configure other settings.