Two ways how to reset your home wireless router

Sometimes, you need to reset your Wi-Fi router to default factory settings. There can be different reasons why you need to do it. For example: if you can’t get access to your wireless router using IP-address or get in administration panel with different settings because of some problems with password (forget it or something else), you can reset router. After resetting, all changes, that were made in the past, will be returned to defaults. There are two most popular default IPs: and Login and password for configuration panel can be found on label, which usually locates on backside or bottom of router’s body. If you don’t know how to reset your router, here is two ways to do it:

First way. Soft resetting.

This method can be realized only if you have access to router’s web-interface using or IP address. Usually people use this method when their device is unstable. Sometimes it can help you to solve problem. Reset button usually can be found in System Settings section of your home wireless router. When you found this section, you should search something like “Reset Factory Defaults”. Just put tick this item and press OK or Apply. These actions provide you to return all routers settings to factory defaults, so you should change all options depending on your wishes.

Example 1: TP-Link wireless router. Enter in System tools and click here on “Restore button”. Then you just need to wait for reboot of your router.

Example 2: Asus wireless router. Here in administration panel, you should find Administration section. Then try to get in Settings management. Here should be “Restore button”. Click on it and wait until router reboots.

Example 3: D-Link wireless router. In the right-up side of administration panel you can find System button. Click on it. Here will appear menu with necessary for us section “Factory Settings”. Accept action.

Second way. Hardware resetting.

Every wireless home router has special Reset button on its body. It usually locates on backside or bottom part of body. To press her, you should find something sharp, because it has round hole form, which protects against accidental pressing. Pen or Pencil will be great item to do it. Press and hold button for about 15 seconds. After that router should start blinking by indicators and reboots. Wait until it reboots finally. Great! Now all your device settings are returned to default factory settings.

If you didn’t know default login and password to login, click here.